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Gaziantep is perhaps one of the most important stops of Turkey tours. Because Gaziantep has many interesting features for both local and foreign tourists. First of all, Gaziantep cuisine has really special menus. With its baklava, pistachio desserts, kebabs, meat dishes, appetizers and its breakfast that resembles a feast of taste, this city hosts the most delicious lovers. Gaziantep is a famous and important city for its historical artifacts as well as its food.


Many people visit Gaziantep, a region where cultures intersect, every year. Gaziantep is a city that draws attention with its traditional handicrafts. There are also branches of art such as precious stones, colorful rugs, and handmade instruments such as drums and flutes. Halfeti, on the other hand, is among the cities that have earned the title of 'Cittaslow' (calm city) in the world with its location on the banks of the Euphrates River and its historical stone houses. It is worth seeing with its historical Gaziantep Castle, historical Antep houses, Bakırcılar Bazaar, Zeugma Ancient City. With its different structure, Kaleoğlu Cave is one of the must-see spots. Most of the places to visit in Gaziantep are scattered. Gaziantep, which has many areas to be visited with its history and culture, offers many options for those who will rent a car from Gaziantep Airport. You can easily find the vehicle you want thanks to the dozens of car rental Gaziantep offices registered in the mycar24 system, where you can view the Gaziantep Airport rental car prices and general rental conditions. While Gaziantep Airport is quite advanced in terms of rental cars, you can view the car rental car Gaziantep companies of mycar24 with different price offers in many brand models within minutes. You can easily rent a car thanks to mycar24 without the need to visit Gaziantep Airport rental car phone traffic or the offices one by one.

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